Digital Strategy. Case Study: Hertz Energy Services

In Hertz Energy Services David could tell that something was happening than not part, a train was passing and they were not in. They were losing opportunities.

They had a very nice website but it is possible that it had become obsolete, their goal has changed. The websites previously had primary objective providing quality, modernity … only issues related to design. But what is the use of a web today? Nowadays it is much more than a business card.

Google positioning was not as good as it could be. In an industry in which the connection between client and supplier of energy services is largely unknown search engine rankings is presumed crucial. SEO should be a priority. The famous ZERO moment of truth, when your products and services are sought must be very much present in Google.

They had a strategy in Adwords but the outdated website didn’t allow them to take advantage of it.

We perform a complete remodeling of the website with clear objectives: to improve the positioning and usability.

Adwords campaigns remodeled with a new set of keywords.

Digital Strategy began a long-term, thinking in content and social media . Finally we analyze the data and the market to continue always optimizing.

With a relatively small investment results have been splendid:

ROI: 2.225%

Online revenue growth of 17.5% multiplying by five the previous year.

An impressive growth visibility. With top positions in SEO and SEM main keywords.


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