The word is the key

Being highly placed in Google.

Positioning is an issue that comes to obsess. Many people still ignore the advertising results in Google, understandably, they are still advertising and therefore paid lies. This is an exaggeration, of course, but carries some truth.
The natural position (called SEO) is set in the opinion of users, or at least that’s what Google wants to offer us and what we prefer to believe, and therefore more reliable and independent than advertising.
Natural” means that the search engine provides results consistent with the most common methods of user search. Therefore Google strives to implement methods of recognition of semantic language in their algorithm. No need to write in the Tarzan language so the search engine understand us.
Yet this language will take time to overcome (because of Google) and the perception that the search engine understands us better will continue, after all I’m talking to a machine. Whilst Google does not answer us verbally likeHer” there will exist the same type of log communication, meaning, in Tarzanesque.

Therefore the words have to be on our website as if they were neon, conspicuous and prominent everywhere.

They keep on saying that content is what matter. It’s logical, is based on the other main element of the search results, the volume of traffic. The more traffic you have the better quality of the content. It’s logical but not always true, not always the biggest box office movie is the best. But at least it is a mechanism with good reliability.
But how do you get this? Let’s practice, if we want to be well positioned thanks to the accuracy of the sought, the accuracy of the result the keyword is our weapon. Use them as a neon, taking advantage of them in all of the known variants, from the title to the landing page. If it’s a most searched keyword competition makes traffic decisive and to get the traffic you need to interest your users or pay for it in Adwords.

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