What part of fault has Internet of the crisis?

From the definitions of crisis that offers the dictionary, for this article I’ll stick with this:
The turning point of a disease when an important change takes place, indicating either recovery or death.
Things have changed. Nothing will ever be the same. Now there is internet.
Many businesses have fallen because of the internet since the crisis began in 2007. Whole sectors and industries have been seriously affected. The press, cinema, video stores, music stores, travel agencies, tv, banks, shops, stores gadgets etc.
It is an obvious change in our lives in general and consumers in particular. For a business problem arises when you do not have all the information or you don’t pay the necessary attention to the news. One always tends to think as a consumer and you project yourself to other consumers without realizing that “the restis many people, and they don’t necessarily have to do things the same way.
In my business internet is not used, the important thing is the personal approach what works best is word of mouth.
I have heard this many times, it may be true in part, but now I see very difficult that an industry or business customers or consumers are not affected by internet.

What internet is used? for everything

Any business or industry that does not adapt to this reality are living in borrowed time.

If you do not have it start now with your Digital Strategy!

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