How does your website looks on mobile?

In 2013 Internet browsing through mobile and tablets already occupied 28% of the total according to some sources. It is clear that this percentage will continue to grow.

The Responsive Design technology adapts the design of your website to any device. Depending on the size and resolution of the device the content -photos, videos, font size, graphics etc.- are resized automatically so the user does not have to increase and increase the size of the screen and move content from one place to another to see or find what he wants.

To check if a site has this technology on a computer just have to gradually reduce the size of the browser tab by clicking on one side or corner. If the content is cut without changing it is not responsive, if it changes and adapts it’s responsive. Try it on this page or

If your website is big to transform this technology is very complex and expensive, the bigger the harder. However, if you start a website from scratch, designing it with this technology is much easier. We must therefore consider whether it is really worth modify a website or take the opportunity to redo it again.

Responsive Design

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