How to sell more online?

Simple answer: facilitating the purchase.

And although it seems obvious, buying many items still represents such headache that makes us think that this is a strategy of the seller so that we have that either run to the store or directly test the competition.

Reading the interesting article by Avinash springs to mind my own examples of how to use a web to spoil the perception of a brand for not letting me spend my money on it.

We are all consumers and we realize how cumbersome it can be to buy a train ticket or pleased when a brand seem to know us personally.

For years we have heard the promise of how easy it is to purchase online and the only barrier to overcome is the perception of insecurity. This barrier can be fought in many ways, though time and the natural evolution of consumption must be quite effective in overcoming it by itself gradually.

There are a number of mechanisms that are in our power to enable the promise of making it easy for consumers to spend their money in our business. Why not introduce them?

  • If we want to help overcome the feeling of insecurity the web has nothing easier than to facilitate the reluctant find our products and buy them at the store or by phone. A contact always allows you to call or come to our shop to decide.
  • Every time we use more the mobile for everything. Why not have our web adapted to mobile and facilitate the customer to use its most common and convenient channel? This technology is called Responsive Design and implementation is unavoidable due to the large difference in the experience provided in the mobile and tablet.
  • Client may prefer to buy at home, or may have doubts among several products, or wish to wait to buy until he’s got the money… there are many types of consumers and consumption occasions, this does not mean that our product is not liked. It is not complicated to allow the consumer to book the desired product in his account and access his favorites anytime, anywhere to decide.
  • When facing with a very large catalog is much appreciated to filter it in various categories, so you don’t have to go moving to several product pages. If we can also save this filter it will allow us to customize the web to our liking.
  • The user comments are very important, they help us to trust product quality. However it’s a practice that sometimes disorient us by the number of comments, or because the commenter is not really trusting, or because they are too different to myself. Wouldn’t be interesting to filter these comments as we do with the products?

These and other solutions are not extremely expensive, and are not very difficult to implement, and even though they were its like removing steps in our shop, eventually they will be profitable.

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